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If you wish to work indoors, I have a room close to Totnes in Ashprington. If you wish to work outdoors, my room is set in the beautiful countryside near to the River Dart. We can discuss suitable locations including any of your favourites.

I will be meeting with you once per week, lasting 50 minutes either on-line or in-person, or 60 minutes in a nature-based environment.

There will be an initial on-line assessment lasting around 20 minutes. This appointment gives you the opportunity to meet me, to decide if I am the right therapist for you, to ask any questions about my practice, for me to gather some information on you and for us to make an initial exploration of the concerns that you have. 

If we decide to go ahead, we would arrange an initial set of appointments. We would review progress periodically.

I will ask you to agree to ‘Counselling Terms’ tailored to the type of therapy you wish to participate in. This document sets out terms and conditions, my confidentiality policy and other administrative points.

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Counselling in and around the Totnes and South Hams areas


Usual fees per session are shown below. Fees may be discussed at initial assessment.

Assessment on-line (20 minutes): Free of charge

Appointments on-line (50 minutes): £60

In-person appointments (50 minutes): £60

Walk and talk therapy (60 minutes): £60 (note there maybe additional charges e.g. car parking)

Please give 48 hours’ notice should you wish to change your appointment. I charge for missed and changed appointments, cancelled or changed with less than 48 hours’ notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find full details of the counselling terms and conditions?

Please see the section below this one ‘Counselling Terms’.

What happens if I contact you?

If you contact me, I will contact you back by the same means to discuss an initial assessment or to address any concerns you have about starting psychotherapy.

After the initial assessment, am I tied into a number of sessions?

You will not be tied into a number of sessions in advance.

What if I cannot make a session?

To cancel a scheduled appointment without charge, the cancellation must be made by email, text or telephone at least 48 hours before the scheduled start time and as much notice as possible is appreciated.

Cancellations made within 48 hours of an appointment will be charged at the agreed session price.

How long will therapy sessions be and how many will I have?

The assessment will be approximately 20 minutes.

In person and online appointments are 50 minutes.

Ecotherapy appointments are 60 minutes.

How many sessions will depend on the presenting issue. We will review this at stages during the therapy.

Must I come weekly?

It is usual to come to therapy weekly. We can discuss this during the initial assessment.

How do I pay? 

You will be sent an invoice by email once you book an appointment. Payments should be made by bank transfer to the account on the invoice. Bank transfer payments should be made in advance of the session, as set out in the invoice, and your name used as the transfer reference. We can discuss payments at the initial assessment if you have concerns.

If payment is not made in advance of sessions starting, an administration fee may be charged for raising subsequent invoices.

What do I do if I want to make an appointment?
  • Access the appropriate counselling terms document(s). Fill in the details requested. Print and sign the document.
  • Send the document to me (pdf, photo of the signature page, hard copy).
  • Unless we have already agreed a date and time, request an appointment date and time in your reply.
  • I will respond to your request by email, giving you a date and start time, or offering you a list of alternative dates and times.
  • I will send you an invoice for each session (except for initial assessment).
  • I will send you an appointment confirmation email and a link to join the session, if applicable.

Counselling Terms

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In Person Counselling

On-line Counselling

Ecotherapy Additional Counselling

Get in Touch

Imagine this is your first step to reaching your potential. It can be hard to reach out so use whatever contact means is most comfortable for you.

Direct Contact

Mobile: 07547 981005

Email: jsamworth@gmail.com

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